Samsung preps new tablet, scoffs at iPad

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I would say that if this had a dual core atom and maybe an ION2, I think with the right components upgradeable RAM etc...for $400, that would be perfect. It bee cool if it had a core i5 or the new AMD one that supposed to compete with that instead, but that much would just be wishful thinking.


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Actually, I would want a slate that is MORE powerful than a netbook. Nearly all netbooks have a Atom processor, which we all know, struggles with video processing. For me, it's either Tegra 2 or nothing.


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its a great idea and i agree with mr samsung completely, though millions will buy it i'm sure, who wants a giant itouch, people who already own an itouch i bet. you cant customize anything that is apple and that i think is the main thing that will be holding the ipad down. people have accepted the nazi's, i mean apple's, no tweaking stance on iphone, itouch, but its a different story with the ipad. Give me AT LEAST netbook specs with great design and functionality and i'm game.
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So, it's basically going to be a netbook with a touch-screen interface? The line between all of these devices (and by all of these devices I mean netbooks, tablet PCs, etc.) is going to slowly and surely diminish until they are all the same thing.

But I do think Samsung or any other company for that matter can take control of the tablet PC market if they correct all of the iPad's shortcomings.


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It seems that everyone has jumped the touchscreen bandwagon. In my opinion, every single one has topped Apple... Good job Samsung.


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"Most of us agree on the iPad's shortcomings, but how would you feel about a tablet that's on par with the power and general functionality of a netbook? "

Um...i'm confused. Aren't tablet PCs already on par with netbooks? Netbooks have about 1.6Ghz processor...Tablet PCs start with that. They have upgradable RAM and hard drives as well.

So, I don't understand this statement.


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More competition and differential products will be great news for consumers. Look at iPhone compared to some other similar phones like HTC, Nokia etc and it falls short except that the screen is the best i've used so far. Others have to catch up to gain their market share. iPad won't be any different i think. It definitely will fall short in some areas and better in others. Just buy what suits you best and within your budget.


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I don't really like the idea of the iPad, like many of you already said, it's just an oversize iTouch. However, if they make it more powerfull so we can run decent games or applications that requires alot of hardware, then maybe it's not so bad.
but I still prefer laptops to the tablets.
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