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Samsung shows off WiMAX 2 running at 330Mbps

By Jos · 4 replies
Oct 4, 2010
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  1. Even though WiMAX coverage is still unavailable in most places and the technology’s main backer in the U.S. is already mulling the possibility of adopting LTE in the near future, the WiMAX Forum industry group is moving full steam ahead with the next iteration of its 4G standard. Based on the 802.16m specification, WiMAX 2 will be capable of delivering around 100Mbps downstream on high mobility devices like cell phones and approximately 1Gbps for stationary devices like a 4G modem at home. Today Samsung is offering a small taste of the insane speeds to come in the future.

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  2. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,395   +1,171

    Pretty impressive, just a shame I may never get to see or use this tech! out of question, anyone able to link me to what LTE is and how it works?
  3. Where do I sign up?
  4. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 513

    hello ...

    cool, but i don't feel like this will come to my country soon. even if Wimax is widely used, i'm not sure they'll go for it easily. mobile broadband is the new trend along ADSL for home users, while businesses have bigger options.

    the telco i work for just made announcements about pushing forward LTE (it's the next gen of 3G network burty, in fact we do call it 'almost' 4G :p) ... i'm sure by now u already googled or wikied it :p

  5. DjKraid

    DjKraid TS Guru Posts: 542   +27

    Cool! but what's the point in 1Gbps dwn speed for "normal ppl"? -ok if you have a server then ofc you need to have good up&dnw speed but if you are a "normal home / desktop user" then what's the point? -it's not legal to download stuff...and if you want to download something (legally, ex steam games / itunes / whatnat) why couldn't you wait for it a few minutes why do you need it so fast..?

    sry for using the word "you" so much, it's not pointed at anyone specific...or maybe a bit to those who wants so fast connections and "needs" it too.

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