Samsung's 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSD is surprisingly affordable on the low end


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512GB used to be enough for me, but nowadays I fill it up really fast. I'm looking to buy a second 1TB drive.

I am talking about something else. We keep hearing that prices are plummeting, and yet, even the "budget" SSDs have been stuck at $100 / TB, $250 -300 and up / 2 TB etc..for like 3 years now, despite rosy articles that those prices are plummeting!

And now Samsung throws a new SSD at us whose price is in the stratosphere! And no, Samsung's older SSDs didn't get cheaper suddenly either because of it.


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Finally, I can upgrade! my IOMEGA zip drive is filling up.

I actually still have one of those in a box somewhere. I remember saving up for it and being so blown away by the capacity... If I remember right they seemed kind of short lived.