Samsung's Galaxy Alpha smartphone ditches plastic for metal

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Aug 13, 2014
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  1. Following a number of leaks, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Alpha, the first smartphone in their line-up to ditch the signature all-plastic body for a more premium metal finish. It's also the slimmest Galaxy handset to date at just 6.7mm thick,...

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  2. So disappointed... I have been waiting for this device for a a year. Not Quad HD screen, not the 805 processor, less RAM, not water resistant/rugged and low front camera resolution etc... it doesn't deserve the "Alpha" name. I love Samsung but it doesn't compare to LG's newest phone. :(
  3. Well considering Alpha is usually attached to projects in their first stages of development. I would say its a very appropriate name.
  4. rub900

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    Unlocked nexus 5. Bye Samsung
  5. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    I don't think this phone is intended to replace the Galaxy S top tier phones, it looks more like a high mid range phone so it should be a lot more affordable and that's where the action is.
    I like the size of the 4.7" 720p screen, it's sufficient, sensible and help keeps costs down but what I don't like is the fact it doesn't take SD cards to expand storage although 32GB is more than enough, it raises the price. Bummer!
    Personally I would like to see a 8GB model but with the ability to take an expansion card and that should reduce costs even more but I suppose we can't have everything.
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  6. that the new Iphone Galaxy S?
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  7. Love the metal! Hope it still has the finger print scanner.. So I can keep my sneaky girlfriend out
  8. Marty LK

    Marty LK TS Rookie

    Not worth having. Though the construction is nice, the specs are 2 years old. The size is smaller than the GS3 and the display resolution is the same as the GS3, which is over 2 years old. Has only 2GB RAM and no card slot.

    Samsung dropped the ball on this device. They could have had a hot seller like the GS3 was.

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