SandForce BSOD bug identified, OCZ first to provide fix

By Shawn Knight · 7 replies
Oct 18, 2011
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  1. SandForce and OCZ Technology have released a firmware update for SF-2000 series solid state drives that addresses a nagging blue screen of death and disconnect bug that has plagued drives…

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  2. Hopefully they will use this to fix the problems with the drives using SF-1200 as well!
  3. I have a Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD, and it's been a terrible experience so far. Random BSOD and the works. I hope this fix will spawn a firmware update from Kingston soon.
  4. OCZ and Sandforce really shot themselves in the foot... repeatedly... with a BFG-9000.

    Most techies avoid their drives at all cost. Those unlucky ones who did not realise the extent of the problems... they're never buying OCZ/Sandforce again.
  5. I tend to believe the issues weren't all that widespread. I've had a Vertex 3 since May and I haven't had any issues. I'm sure there are plenty like me out there, you just don't hear about it.
  6. YES!!

    I can put my computer to SLEEP NOW! :D

    I knew SandForce and OCZ would pull through on this one!
  7. Sandforce works great on the latest Intel Chipsets

    ICH10R +

    anything else .. = sandforce BUG!

    i have a nForce 680i SLI ..and no sandforce controller will run properly on it!

    i use Vertex 1 on that chipset.

    but my SB + vertex 3 Max IOPS . .just screaming fast .. with 0 problems since I bought it.

    (except a wake from sleep problem) .. but i never sleep my computer!
  8. I've had a Vertex 2 in my laptop for over a year without issue. Based on that experience I recommended them to a client for use in 3 different laptops. I've gone through 5 different drives failing at varying intervals. All Vertex 2 drives both old nan and new, 60 and 120GB. Drive replacement through OCZ via RMA is taking weeks. I've currently been waiting for over a month for drive replacement on the last drive.

    It will be a while before I try another OCZ drive ...

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