SATA HD question and IDE HD problem

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Nov 28, 2005
  1. Hi. I want to know why I dont see the actual name of SATA HD when im in the device manager under Disk Drives. All I see is ST3200826AS which is the product number of my seagate barracuda 200 gig SATA HD. And When I click on it I have Manufacturer as Standard Disk Drive and Location as 0 (0). Is that right if its there instead of the name of the HD and with these settings? In My old pc I could see the names of the 2 IDE HDS Maxtor and Western Digital. My O/S is installed on it and everything is running fine. But one thing is when I was installing all my hardware into the case I conencted my SATA HD to SATA3 connector by an accident. I installed windows on that connector for the first time. Everything was fine. My O/S booted fine too. I also installed ide Western Digital HD. But it wasnt detected in bios and windows. So I realized that I should maybe change the connector to SATA1 in order to see the proper name of the SATA Seagte HD in the device manager and in order to make the IDE Western Digital HD detected. I reformatted a few times but I still get the same result. I had the jumper settings on the western digital changed to slave, master, and c/s and nothing. My IDE hd should be secondary master but its nothing there in BIOS. Maybe I have the wrong connector connected to the IDE HD. The ultra dma 133/100/60 signal cable has three connectors. One goes into the motherboard and the other 2 are for devices. I have my IDE HD connected to the middle connector on the secondary IDE cable. Is that right? My mobo is Asus SLI Deluxe. Please help all I am asking is is my SATA HD properly detected in the device manager after switching SATA3 connector to SATA1 connector and is my IDE incorrectly hooked or is it because I switched the SATA3 to SATA1 connector and its not detected.

    Oh and when I had my SATA hd installed to SATA3 connector for the very first time I did not pay attention if my HD had the same product number in the device manager under disk drives.

    Thanks and please help.
  2. iss

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    and that is al you are going to see because that is the way seagate drives are displayed in device manager. seagate IDE hard drives display the same way.

    your IDe hard drive should be connected to the end of the cable. and if it is alone on the cable then it should not have a jumper installed at all.
  3. AJ31

    AJ31 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for clearing it up on the SATa issue. As for the IDE HD it is alone on the cable and i connected to the end connector on the cable like you said. I took the jumper off and still nothing.
  4. iss

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    Check your bios and make sure that sata AND Pata are BOTH enabled. though this is usually enabled by default yours might not be.
  5. AJ31

    AJ31 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I fixed. I didn't have the hd power connector that goes with the floppy connector connected to the back. I had a seperate power connector in there instead. But it's all good now. Thanks
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