SATA power pass through?

By madboyv1
Nov 3, 2011
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  1. Currently I have SATA power and SATA II data cables exiting out from the front of the case bare, as in what is connected to the motherboard / power supply are leaving the case and connecting to a 4 drive bay I am using externally I want to have a pass through bay to "clean it up" some.

    I managed to find the first half of my solution:

    Those that would prefer to not click on the link, it is a 4 port male to male SATA I/II pass through bracket, which I intend to mount/modify so it exits through a 5.25" bay. What I'm asking all of you is, have you heard / seen a similar solution for SATA power (not molex)? I mean, I could jury rig something up with individual male to male adapters, but if I could find something more... "elegant" I'd be happier.
  2. madboyv1

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    no ideas? How about this then... anyone have a smart way about going about doing this as a DYI project? As a reminder, I'm trying to keep SATA power -> SATA power. rather than using a molex converter.
  3. Matthew

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  4. madboyv1

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    lol... if I HADN'T bought that bracket I linked above, I'd have considered getting four of those, tearing them off of the bracket and mounting it myself. Then again, I was desperate to spend my 75 cents of ebaybucks (on an item that ended up being $20) since I forgot about it until 2 hours before it expired. Thanks for the free bump and the link. =)


    This would have been one of my best bets, in terms of putting 4 sets together:

    Curse my wanting to use this thing I bought on impulse. :rolleyes:

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