sata/raid driver not loading

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Posts: 7   +0 i just built my new are the specs to start with

ASUS A8N SLI deluxe motherboard
2x 1gb micron pc3200 ram
2x geforce 6800 in SLI mode
teac dvd-rw/cd-rw

(and last but most importantly)
2x 200gb maxtor sata hdd

ok, so here it goes. i finally assemble my first decent machine. and lo and behold, there are things i have never worked with before. namely SATA hdd's. for some reason, NOTHING i have can recognize them except for my raid setup tool. heres what ive done so far.

boot from xp cd --->cant find any hard drives to install to

boot from maxtor driver cd--->cant find any maxtor hdd's to use setup tool on and maxtor sata raid driver doesnt work when run during xp install

boot from mobo cd and make scsi/raid floppy's to use during install

use scsi/raid floppy's with an end result in xp still not being able to register that it has 1 (or 2) sata hard drives attached to it...

like i said, the only thing that registers it is my raid setup utility during startup.

i need help ASAP

i waited a week for the parts to arrive, then i waited another half week for the thermal compound, now all thats left is to let this biotch FLY!!! and im getting antsy. if anyone can help me i would be very appreciative and thank you in advance for all replies (constructive or non) <--its the thought that counts.


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When you FIRST install the XP cd and it starts loading up, there is a part where it will ask you if you are installing a RAID setup and to press f6 (I think it is F6, but it tells you what to push). That is the step in which the drivers are installed. BEFORE you install windows.

Hope this helps.


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yes, i used those floppy's i was telling you about to install what windows likes to call third party scsi/raid drivers...none of them made xp recognize my harddrives
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