scam or not?

By KoreanSkatel2
Jan 29, 2004
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  1. I went on ebay looking for a cheap alienware laptop and i see these ad's where they give you websites or information on how to get an alienware for cheap like for 300 dollars 40 dollars 250 dollars. Is this a scam?

    one of the advertiesments:
    this auction is for a wholesale list that has endless oppertunity. if you really want to get into wholesale this list is for you. There are over 1000 wholesale companys listed on this list, there are also about 5 links where you can obtain alienware laptops for as cheap as $40, xbox $25, 42" plasma tv for $40. sony vio for as low as $10 beleive it or not its all possible. the list is very extensive, over 1000 companys for all kinds of wholesale products, you cant lose on this deal.there are other people trying to sell one website to get these things for more than i am charging plus i am offering over 1000 other wholesale companys. there is no shipping becuase the list is emailed to you as soon as i recieve payment(money orders only). thanks.

    Websites include

  2. poertner_1274

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    It's not really a scam, but in a way it is.

    What happens is you pay 300 dollars, and you get put into a line. Once the top person in the line gets say 15 people below him, he gets his laptop, then the nest person in line has to wait for 15 more people to pay and get in line. So if you are way down the list, it will take you a while, if you even EVER get it.

    So beware, unless you are one of the beginning people on the list.

    But if you have to pay to see the sites, I wouldn't do it, as it is usually not worth it.
  3. MYOB

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    This sounds somewhat like the old LetsBuyIt system - ish. With that you bought in at a certain price but if enough people hadn't bought in by the time limit, you had to pay more. It worked on the concept of getting the products in ever larger bulks. They went bankrupt in the end, right after a Palm IIIE buy I was in had gotten its qouta - for 129IRP which was a good 45% lower than the RRP at the time. Luckily my credit card provider covered it as fraud. But I'd gotten stuff sucessfully of them before

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