Scannow on laptop result "cannot repair member file sxshared.dll"

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Sep 27, 2011
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  1. Trying to clean up our laptop sfc /scannow came up with: "cannot repair member file sxshared.dll". Can you tell me what the next step would be to clean it up.
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    MS reports that file is used by defrag. So unless SFC halts on the condition, ignore it for now and 'fix it later'.
  4. Fjordman1995

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    Where can I find a clean copy of sxshared.dll?

    My laptop came pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium, is there an on-line source for dlls I can trust to download from. Could I copy one from my sons computer? It is a year newer.


  5. gbhall

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    Yes, provided you are both at the same SP level. You will need to do it using safe mode, and also may have to set the file properties to temprorily allow write and visibility of system files. Also take the precaution of checking the date, time and exact bytes of each file (right-click in explorer and select properties).

    If they are not the same, it might mean you are not yet on SP1, and updating to that level will change the file anyway !
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    i replaced the sxshared.dll

    I replaced the sxshared.
    dll f​
    ile with one from my sons and i still get the error running scannow.

    Any more ideas, I wish I could have gotten a cd when I bought the laptop.


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    It might just be the file is dated later than the file it is checking against during scannow. Please quote me date/time/bytes and version of sxshared.dll and also of the vast majority of the files in \windows.system32. That will compare it with the latest SP you have installed. See here

    Also do a search in all of C:\ drive for that file, setting options for search hidden and system files, ignore case. I want the locations, date and time and size of all copies found, especially if any of them are in subdirectories of such as c:\windows\$NtUninstallKB2570947$ which will would tell you if it comes from a later hotfix, (or is actually malware). When the working copy is found, we will perform a further test of whether it is corrupt.
  8. Fjordman1995

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    Results of search

    Here are the search results.

    The dates of the files and approximate quantities in the system 32 file are below:

    11/202010 >1/8
    8/25/2010 <1/8
    7/13/2009 >1/2
    6/10/2009 1/4

    I am attaching a copy of the results of the search. I'm guessing the WoW64 copy might be the culprit.

    Thanks for your help and time,


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  9. gbhall

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    Intersting that you HAVE a file called sxshared.dll in c:\windows\wow64... Note it looks much smaller, yet has a date (but not time) suggesting it is meant to be an XP SP3 level copy but is truncated or generally bad.

    Quite why WOW64 should drop a copy there, instead of checking whether there is already a perfectly good copy in \system32 you would have to ask other gamers.

    probably a wrong-sized file with an expected system name is going to throw a wobbly in scannow. The evidence seems to be your original copy was just fine, and the WOW64 one......well my suggestion would be - just delete it, then run chkdsk /f to repair any damage.
  10. Fjordman1995

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    Latest results

    Well, I deleted the WoW64 sxshared.dll and ran chkdsk. Found some errors and fixed them.

    Computer is running quite a bit faster, but the WoW file did not reappear, scannow still found the errors. I am attaching the results note the differences. Also a new customer showed up. Don't know if in makes any difference, but here it is.


    Thanks again for your time and help,

    : \ warren

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  11. gbhall

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    Looks somewhat similar, there is a second version of a standard system32 file in a WOW64 subdirectory. I really dont know what is going on - you might try questions on a WOW discussion group.

    At best, it is possible scannow is upset by standard system files appearing in non-standard places. Maybe you could just ignore them.....

    Also I now longer know what problems remain, if any, apart from /scannow errors - which hardly anybody would ever find out is hard to discover if any corrupt system files can be checked and replaced when the OS is subject to KB patches at monthly intervals anyway?

    I note you actually got a repair done after deleting the first file you had trouble with. Can it be that there are still corruptions caused essentially by WOW64? I can point out that if you are running a Win7 which was an upgrade of Win XP SP3 in 64-bit version, the latter was never a fully-debugged or properly supported OS, so maybe you are merely proving that point.....?
  12. Fjordman1995

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    Point of deminishing returns

    I think there is no point of chasing this file any further. I hadn't looked at this computer for months, just left it to my kids, so I guess that is what I get for my lack of attention, I thought running Kaspersky Internet Security would keep it safe.. This whole thing started with broken keys on the keyboard and kept finding more issues.

    I have learned quite a bit in the process and I thank you very much for your time. WoW has only proved to be an annoyance to me and since he isn't playing it right now I think I'll ask him if I can remove it.

    This site is full of good information, I'll explore it further.

    Thanks again,


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