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WP12.0.0.602 / Windows 7:

Life was moving along nicely, but since I recently did my occasional "Calibrate display color" routine to brighten up my PC world, apparently I did something wrong. Since then, document text is fine, but text contained in dialog boxes is so dim I can barely read it -- fortunately, the keystroke memory in my fingers serves me sufficiently to continue working.

[Attachment 1]WP . 2 . Photoshop.JPG Somehow, as part of this, my screen resolution got changed -- making everything slightly smaller than it was previously. This is true for WP12, as well as other programs: Sample here of Adobe Photoshop Elements with the Tool bar, which is approximately 2/3 the size of regular. Dialog boxes in Photoshop likewise have barely readable text.

Any suggestions/information what has transpired here? Solution(s) to get me back to "the way things were back then" . . . ?

Appreciated. Many thanks.


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Try using System Restore and restore to a point before you messed with it.


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Amazing how simple a solution is when someone knowledgeable points in the right direction! Everything looking as it should.

Many thanks. Hope the days go well with you.