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By NewPCTech
Mar 13, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Does anyone out there know a good beginners book on writing scripts? At some places they have a script that automaticall maps drives to shared directories on servers. I would like how to do this. Or write a script that will create 40 folders and 2 subfloders each. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to doing this and dont know if you do this with java or other languages. Let me know if anyone has an idea on a absolute beginners book..

  2. tipstir

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    Funny you have mention this I have a script that just that mapped drives on networks. For mapped printers you can use a program from MS called Print Mapper saves network printers to cab file.

    If you want to learn how to do scripts you can search on google and there are plenty of free sites on the subject with scripts you can use.

    The script can be run on USB jump or CD. When you run on CD it acts differently it will prompt you where to save the info.

    The way that script works is this...

    Say you're at xyz company domain
    You're at user x pc
    User x has 6 or more mapped network drives
    For you to copy them manually just by dragging to your USB zip drive.
    With Get Drive
    It will Get all network drives and then create x_drive.bat What you do with
    this bat is run on it an the next new system you're build for the x user.

    It also uses


    NET USE z: \\xyz\shared\data
    NET USE o: \\xyz\shared\data\shared
    NET USE p: \\xyz\shared\data\shared\my_notes

    net use /persistent:yes

    I rather do this manually as it is easy to restore the mapped drives as you see in above example..

    Novell mapped drives example below:


    NET USE g: \\e-fin1\data\finprgs
    NET USE o: \\e-fin1\data
    NET USE s: \\phxapp013essb\ESSBDataShare
    net use /persistent:yes

    In MY Computer
    Those network drives can be copied to a folder if you want to do it manually. The script program will do it, but might not catch all.

    SMS VB Script checks to see what's installed on PCs, but LANSpy does a better job and that's for free.
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