SCSI drive as C: drive in a desktop

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Jan 7, 2008
  1. Happy New Year to ALL

    I would like to make a SCSI drive the boot drive, C: in an HP desktop computer. I have all the hardware needed. If I take the original drive out and install the SCSI drive will it automatically become the C: drive? will the computer recognize it? If not, how is it done? or is it possible?

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    Besides the SCSI drive what else do you have? You'll need a driver for the SCSI controller on a floppy, and you'll have to reinstall everything.
  3. Samstoned

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    maybe ,maybe not
    older scsi's HBA will be seen by xp pro spk2
    check you bios after the card is installed if it shows up bobs yer uncle yer good to go
    just like adding sata drivers to xp install the generic drivers for scsi are allready there
    again that before 2002 or there abouts
    newer controllers you will need that floppy or slipstream the oem drivers to a xp install disc
    make sure no other disc is installed when your loading xp or what ever
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    I can download a driver from the internet, I remember doing that when i used a SCSI drive as a backup drive with Win2000 few years back.
    What I like to do now is remove all the drives that I have and reinstall the op sys fresh from the recovery CDs. I do NOT want to copy the C: drive to the new one as it is loaded with too much package from 3 years worth of "updates" and what have you.
    Right now the PC is running poorly with Win XP.
    Its an HP computer with and Intel 2.7GHz processor.
  5. Samstoned

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    if you have a floppy drive and disks
    follow the directions to load to disk
    on xp prompt do F6 like with sata insert disk follow prompt should confirm copy
    it will then continue to load xp
    I repeat you may not have to do this with older scsi card or onboard controller
    what version of xp do you have
    you can check what scsi drivers are all ready loaded with xp
    should be in a oem txt file
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