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Sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. goes for over $100,000 at auction

By midian182 · 9 replies
Feb 15, 2019
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  1. The 1985 product does have several elements that make it valuable. It comes in a box designed for the first run of NES games produced in America, which were sealed at the top using a black foil sticker with Nintendo’s logo emblazoned on it. They were only sold in cities such as New York and LA to test-launch the NES back in 1985 and 1986. As Kotaku notes, a NES console at the time was bundled with Duck Hunt and Gyromite, but not Super Mario Bros., which was sold separately.

    Heritage Auctions, the company behind the transaction, said the sale “set a world record for a graded game.” Wata Games, which rates and certifies collectible video games, has given it a near-mint rating of 9.4, while the sticker has been given a seal rating of A++.

    "In terms of rarity, popularity, and relevance to collectors, this game has it all," said Wata Games President Deniz Kahn. "Mario is the most recognized fictional or nonfictional character in the world, more so than even Mickey Mouse."

    While the wording suggests there might have been more expensive games sold that weren’t professionally graded, it’s believed this is a record price for a video game sale. It was bought jointly by three collectors, who will share ownership.

    This isn’t the first example of a Nintendo game selling for six figures. A copy of the rare Nintendo World Championships sold for $100,088 on eBay in 2014.

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  2. R00sT3R

    R00sT3R TS Guru Posts: 144   +324

    And this is what happens when kids of the video game generation grow up to be dumb-*** adults with too much money.
    p51d007 likes this.
  3. amghwk

    amghwk TS Guru Posts: 489   +302

    And to think the roms are freely available....

    Anyway, I think this is just like those art or vintage porcelain collectors... don't know what they find so valuable in them...

    If I had that much of money, I would have paid off all my debts, bought myself the latest most powerful laptop, go for vacation, AND put the rest into my savings account.
  4. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,890   +1,166

    One man's junk, another man's treasure I guess.
    I wouldn't give you a plug nickel, but, it ain't my money.
    Knot Schure likes this.
  5. iamcts

    iamcts TS Maniac Posts: 221   +154

    The same can be said about people who buy cars just to have them sit in a garage on display. The same can also be said about art or any other collectible as well.
    pit1209 likes this.
  6. Misagt

    Misagt TS Maniac Posts: 272   +189

    Wow just wow, what a complete and utter waste of money. If this was the last working copy of the game. I guess you could say it's worth it but there are copies of this game available for free!
  7. antiproduct

    antiproduct TS Addict Posts: 101   +86

    I guess they wanted it new in box so they didn't have to keep blowing on the cartridge... at least for a couple months anyway.
  8. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Guru Posts: 977   +701

    I have a COMPLETE set of Exosquad toys, 1980's Transformers and some Gijoes which are MINT in BOX.

    The prices of these things - today- demanded on Ebay - are far more than my parents or I paid when I was a teenager or pre-teen.

    I think I may eventually try to induct my collection into a museum.

    I wouldn't want some ***** kid tearing them open or sell them to someone who doesn't appreciate them as much as I do - nor would I want them being a burden on my family.
  9. Vulcanproject

    Vulcanproject TS Evangelist Posts: 695   +949

    The only reason to spend this much is with the idea it'll be worth more in the future. Clearly they aren't opening the package and playing it. It's an 'investment'.

    All I can think is there has to be a better way to invest a hundred grand.
  10. Thrackerzod

    Thrackerzod TS Booster Posts: 58   +43

    They didn't buy it to play the game. They bought it because it's an extremely rare test market version of the game still sealed in the box. People pay thousands, even millions of dollars for rare paintings, baseball cards, stamps, how is buying a rare copy of a game any different? Keep in mind also that the people buying stuff like this are ridiculously rich, $100k dollars is pocket change to them.

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