Search Results Redirected even after re-format

By arabshark
Nov 25, 2008
  1. Hi There
    I am having the same problem as some of the other guys. Where I keep getting re-directed from search results every time I click on a link in google. I reformatted my hard drive and still have this problem. I have a portable hard drive I back my programs up on. Is it possible for this to have been infected as well.

    What should I do?

  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    Welcome to TS. I am trying to anticipate your needs. Here is a a 'leader' respone, supplemented with ‘canned’ response.+ kicker. Logically, this over-done instruction gives you the opportunity to choose minimal options.

    Complete Re-do:
    Some assumptions are made, This is valid only if you are willing to wipe the entire infected drive; Windows + all applications will be reloaded. Disconnect from the router (Internet, as well as, local network). Use the XP installation CD (or OEM Recovery CD) to partition th HDD. This forces a re-write of track 0. Re-load XP & basic applications.

    Protect from contamination of unknown origin: (2nd entry point for this case)
    Disconnect all computers from the router (local network). Hard Reset the router (usually using the micro switch). Connect only the infected computer to the router.

    Canned response
    Often the 'gurgle' redirect is accompanied by failure of the scanning tools to perform completely or experience update failures. Neither choice is a guarantee of success.

    Choice !
    CureIt 4.44 now available @Cnet. (download dot com - phoenetical spelling to frustrate spy-slurpers recording the link).

    Use if offer not available at CnetVendor Site -Freeware version - Drweb CureIt

    Choice 2
    This was developed locally: script by mflynn zipped to zap bug screwing update/download

    Of course, for the full treatment, please consider the 8-step malware removal guide

    Please include a progress report & identify If CureIt or mflynn was helpful. Re-state the symptoms that are still present.

    [edit] Disconnect portable drive until main drive is clean & protected.
  3. arabshark

    arabshark TS Rookie Topic Starter

    All I had to do to fix the problem was reset my router. And it was fixed
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