Secret crypto mining farm found in Massachusetts school's crawlspace


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Cutting corners: Cryptocurrency has fallen on hard times, making it unprofitable for just about anyone running a mining operation. That is, unless you're letting someone else pay the utility bills. A Massachusetts man was discovered to have set up an illegal mining farm in his previous employer's boiler room crawlspace. The operation reportedly used more than $17,000 in stolen electricity over an eight month period.

The culprit, 39-year-old Nadeam Nahas, was charged by the town of Cohasset, MA, with fraudulent use of electricity and vandalizing a school. He was charged following investigations that led town officials to a hidden cryptocurrency mine that was set up in a secluded crawlspace next to a Cohasset school's boiler room. The farm reportedly included 11 pieces of mining equipment as well as a ventilation system to ensure the mining equipment would not overheat.

The farm was originally discovered in December, 2021 by Cohasset's facilities director during a routine school inspection. During the inspection, the director identified duct work, wiring, and several computers that seemed out of place in the rarely accessed crawlspace. The farm was properly identified as an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation with the help of the town of Cohasset's information technology director. Once identified, the pair contacted authorities to further investigate the unauthorized operation and identify its owner.

Cryptocurrency mining can be performed using everyday computing resources or larger, far more powerful specialized equipment designed to increase mining yield and overall efficiency. Based on the images released (above), Nahas was running the mining farm using larger application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), a type of chip designed for completing a very specific operation as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The miners in the released photos typically require large, server-grade power supplies to maintain 24/7 operations. These supplies, which can range from 1200 to upwards of 2600 watts or more per miner, can run up a pretty hefty utility bill in a fairly short amount of time. In this case, Nahas is responsible for stealing $17,492 in electricity between April and December of 2021.

Nahas reportedly resigned from his position as Assistant Facilities Director with the town of Cohasset in the early part of 2022. A Massachusetts judge issued a default warrant earlier this week following Nahas' failure to show up for his February 23rd arraignment hearing. Local outlets later reported that Nahas turned himself in to authorities following the missed hearing.

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This is what happens when ordinary people try to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

For those above them, the mantra is 'Let's look forward, not back.'

Even a few tiers below that level one has run-of-the-mill CEOs, like the guy who ran AMBT and added tens of thousands of dead people to its coverage rolls to defraud the government out of a Florida condo, sports cars, a yacht, and some other nice perks. He never did a bit of time.

A certain Enron genius also became the largest landowner in Colorado.

Government insiders casually admitted, some years back on the Rachel Maddow show, that the DOJ has a policy of not charging CEOs and other elites. Instead, the policy is to fine the companies. The faulty logic used to justify this was deployed and not rebutted.


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That it might be easier to get away with certain more ambiguous or hard to prove types of white collar crimes might be true. Not sure I buy the overall thesis of your post though. While AFAIK no one could ever prove what Lou Pai was or was not in on at Enron, CEO Skilling got a 24 year jail term, minimum 20 years served. CEO Madoff died in prison. FTX CEO SBF is certainly being charged.

And the guy in this case is not an ordinary guy trying to pull himself by his bootstraps, he's a crook stealing from a school. Not much ambiguity here.


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How many of these must be out there that will go undiscovered indefinitely.? I think most of them will be hidden in plain sight getting completely ignored because "it has always been there"


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How is this any different than plugging your Tesla in everyday for 10 years at the parking garage where you work?
For one the charger is put there to charge electric cars. That tends to come with a contractual clause if employees are or aren't allowed to use it free of charge (the costs are pre-calculated for the employer).

Unless you meant charging it through the hardest to find wall outlet you can find in which case the costs are still different as indeed it would take like 10 years to track up the bill. Difference of scale. Plus a difference in intent, you're trying to safe money (assuming you need the car to get to the job) rather than just straight up making money.
The latter is still likely to lead to your superior having a word with you if you're caught. Hell I know there's offices where they don't want people charging their mobile phones because it costs the company electricity (usually the person coming up with kind of logic is enjoying a nice air conditioned office, the irony)
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For one the charger is put there to charge electric cars.

Actually, I’m talking about a typical 3-pronged wall outlet which are reserved for power washers, vacuum cleaners and the like.
The irony of it is that my company obtains most of its power from coal-burning power-plants. So not only is this person(s) stealing from the company, they are also helping to destroy the environment. In essence, their Tesla is nothing more than a small locomotive. Im surprised more companies don’t crack down on this form of stealing.


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No mention of clawing back his ill-gotten crypto!? They should have ALL of his coins transferred into an account for the school! I am for writing that in law, if you get caught stealing resources of ANY kind to generate coins, then you should lose ALL of your crypto coins regardless of how/when they were obtained....complete forfeiture to the victim.