Serial99 hijacked my IE

By gogogoftw
Jan 4, 2008
  1. i dont know whether this is a major worry or not but its on my internet explorer so i want rid of it. Whatever website i go on stays in the top bar next to the website name. I use firefox anyway but thats obviously not the point.

    Ive tried search and destroy, avg, bought spyware doctor, Ccleaner and they all have found stuff and cleaned my system. All my files are sorted out eat etc and my PC runs fine. Im just concerned that this program might be running in the background or whatever.

    Ive looked at the guides on the forum and dont really understand what the heck all the logs etc are about and once they are produced hoew do they help?

    Iv reformatted my PC before but id obviously want to avoid that as it takes ages. BUT would this get rid of the serial 99 if i did?

    I guess im just asking for the best advice for the quickest removal of the serial99 rubbish as i dont want it on my system and ive tried the major virus/adware/spyware removal tools.

    Please dont just refer me to another link, explain a bit so i dont waste a whole day doing something that will get me nowhere lol

    I really appreciate any help though :]
  2. gogogoftw

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    no one at all?
  3. leojksa

    leojksa TS Rookie

    Hey there

    I removed it from the registry, it sets itself as a prefix for the address bar. Haven't encountered it again, or in any other aspect of the pc operations that I'm aware of.

    Open regedit and run a search for "serial99" (without the quotes) and remove the "serial99" address from any value that appears.

    You can move the search forward and find the next instance by pressing F3.

    When arriving at the key that specifies the prefix for the address bar, remove only the reference to serial99, and leave the standard prefix.

    Some advice:
    Be careful not to delete any keys or whole values / strings etc.
    Be careful in general when using the registry.

    I know its quite a convoluted method, but I unfortunately don't know the location name of the key.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Bobbye

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    That's exactly what I'm going to do. If you choose note to follow it, the malware will remain, It is not simply deleting a Registry entry. Your problem doesn't have a 'quick fix'!

    The cleaning process is a well, organized combination of running specific programs to clean malware, followed by attaching the logs from those programs. The logs are then checked and additional removals and suggestions are made. The programs remove malware and any subsequent entries are found.

    I suggest you follow this program:
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