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Serious Problem: Hard disk drive not detected

By Kaination
Oct 7, 2006
  1. Alright, before I explain my problem, I have to give you a background story.

    My friend did drugs, so I told his parents about it, and he got pissed off so he hacked my World of Warcraft account. I learned he was the one who hacked it about 3-4 months later.

    So I decided to get back at him. I downloaded a virus (I didn't run it, it was in .rar format) called 'Sp0rkeh' and I sent it to him. He ran it and it messed up his computer, and he found out it was me. So, he told me his parents would sue us if i didnt fix his pc, and it would get over complicated

    So I decided to attempt to fix it. I took his Hard drive out and connected it as a secondary slave into my PC.

    *Note: for those of you don't know whaqt Sp0rkeh is, it acts as a hack for a game and deletes your entire HD, and messed up your PC.

    What was supposed to happen:

    I was going to put his PC into a secondary slave and start up from my HD, and use a program to undelete all the files that it deleted, then hand him the disc and be happy and skippy.

    What actually happened:

    I put the disc into my secondary slave slot, and I turned my computer on. Then my computer made a beep and it has an error message that says:

    NO Hard Disk Drive detected
    Press F1 to resume

    I press F1 and it leads me to tell me to select a proper boot device.

    I turned my computer off, unplugged his pc and put in my HD as start.

    But the same thing is happening, it won't detect it.

    The strange thing is, when I go into my BIOS, it shows that it detects my main HD as a secondary, even though the jumpers are set on as Master.

    I have an IDE drive, can anyone help me? My parents are broke atm and I can't afford a new HD as we are heading to lake tahoe next weekend, and we just got done spending tons of money on the hotel and such.
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,512   +65

    The first problem with this is I'd still be pissed, if I were your friend. ;) I'd have to reinstall Windows, apps, games and configure my system. Worst of all, your average 'undelete' program rarely gets all data back intact. The best approach would be based on how the virus works. Does it destroy the MBR? Does it delete just the partitions? Does it format the partitions? Does it zero-fill the drive? Based on what it does, we could approach this using the best utilities possible. And then slapping all of his stuff on a CD sounds astoundingly 1990's. I don't know about you, but my personal data (not including music etc.) is dozens of gigs.

    Programs like Active @PartitionRecovery can (possibly) restore all of his data at once by repairing his partitions and file system. You may also be able to use an XP install CD to repair his MBR, which may restore his data again... All of this could be done without ever removing his hard drive. Just some ideas. But you really need to know how this virus works before diving in.

    Your terminology seems incorrect in some instances and I'm unsure if I understand you correctly. Can you be more clear? :)
    Secondary doesn't mean anything other than it is installed on your secondary IDE channel. Did you mean slave? There's typically Master, Slave & Cable Select.
    Disc = optical media. I'm assuming you mean disk, which would imply hard drive. Is this correct?

    You are trying to boot his computer by using your hard drive? Is that correct? Or did you install your drive back into your computer?

    Based on what you are trying to do, it should go something like this.
    1. Remove your friend's drive
    2. Open your computer
    3. Change the jumper of your friend's drive from Master to Slave
    4. Connect your friend's drive to the same cable as your optical or hard drive using the 2nd plug on the IDE cable.
    5. Boot the computer
    6. Check the BIOS and ensure the drives are detected as you'd expect. Your friend's drive should be slave, your own drive master.
    7. If it is not, triple check your jumper settings. Make sure your drives are set to master and his drive to slave. Don't use cable select. You may also need to set your own hard drive from Single Master to Master with Slave, as this is an option for some drives.
    8. Ensure your boot order is correct (your hard drive should be first, not your friend's.
    9. Now you should be able do what you were planning.
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