Serious problem... SD Card stopped working after format attempts

By diaby cool
Jun 22, 2011
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  1. after long hours of searching...
    i found this forum and i hope anybody to help me

    i had
    a flash memory (SDcard) 4 Gb ..Of Samsung Galaxy mobile
    i was transfering some data from my PC to Mobile
    Suddenly it stop copying>>and the PC & the Mobile stopped working!

    I restarted the pc and the mobile..But found a STRANGE problem
    every time i try to copy data from PC to SDcard through the reader..It copies for second then it stops !
    also, i used the USB cable..the same problem
    i tried to format firstly from the mobile..But the mobile cannot read the SDcard
    I tried to format by Windows 7..The PC stop Working

    I tried to search for hours ..downloaded so many format it
    i found " low level format" and done
    after that
    it appears like a " Removable disk" at my computer
    tried to format it by windows 7 and disk mangment a message pops out "device media is write-protected"

    Afterthat i discovered a Serious problem
    the reader of my SDcard.."in the normal condition" while making ANY ACtivity
    is giving frequent red light :D
    but NOW
    it stops after 30 seconds>>of trying to do any activity(like formatting )
    And the removable disk Drive completely disappears from my computer

    the program which i've used were :
    HDD low level format
    HP boot drive utility
    HP usb disk fomat tool

    All failed


    so i came here and iam expecting some help before destructing my sdcard
    u r my last hope

    sorry about my bad english
    and inconvenience

    Good Night

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