Serious Problem with Geforce FX 5200 128mb!

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Feb 22, 2005
  1. I seem to have a big problem with my Geforce FX 5200 card. Currently I have my old drivers installed because its not as bad(with updated drivers it happens way more often) but, When ever i'm online (either a game or explorer) I seem to be able to play for about 15-30 mins then all of the sudden my computer freezes for about 10 seconds. Then it will resume for about 4-6 seconds, the freeze again. It does this about 5-6 times until I exit explorer or my game (but if I have the updated drivers it will freeze for 15 seconds and then it goes to a strange blue screen saying something about my graphics card and drivers or something, i'm not sure what it says becuase its on the screen for only a few seconds before it auto-restarts.) Then I completely lose connection with the internet(I have Cable). I've tried going into my network settings and clicking repair but it fails to re-new the IP adress. The only way I can get my cable to start working again is to restart my computer. Nothing seems to indicate that i've lost connection on my modem, all the lights stay the same. I've also talked to my ISP and got a new modem so I don't think thats the problem. Pretty sure its the graphics card.

    My specs are

    AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz
    704MB Ram
    Windows XP professional

    If you need any more information just ask.
    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    well what you are describing sounds like the dreaded "blue screen of death".it can be because of and i/o irq conflict or a bad driver.stick to your old driver if thats not giving you any trouble.also you might want to check for any conflicts (i/o,irq)that might be responsible.
  3. Vonloss

    Vonloss TS Rookie Topic Starter

    K, how would I check for these conflicts. I'm not quite sure what you ment by i/o irq but it has to do with my system resources? :confused:
  4. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    the way you check for any conflicts is by first of all going to the system information page through start->all programs->accesories->sytem tools->system information.on the system information page expand hardware resources and check conflicts/sharing,also check irq to see if 2 or more devices are using the same irq's.


    if its a serious conflict,it should show up under the device manager page by having a small yellow halt sign in front of whatever is in conflict with.the device manager page is accessible by right clicking my computer,going to properties,selecting hardware and clicking on the device manager button.
  5. Vonloss

    Vonloss TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I checked the device manager and theres 2 things with yellow exclimation points on them. 1 is under human interface devices, its USB Gaming Keyboard Pro. The other is under Ports(COM & LPT), its multiport communications port (COM5). Should I disable both of them?

    Heres what is says under IRQs in system information

    IRQ 0 System timer OK
    IRQ 1 PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard (101/102-key) OK
    IRQ 3 Lucent Win Modem #2 OK
    IRQ 4 Communications Port (COM1) OK
    IRQ 5 Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller OK
    IRQ 5 Creative SB Live! Series (WDM) OK
    IRQ 6 Standard floppy disk controller OK
    IRQ 8 System CMOS /real time clock OK
    IRQ 10 NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 OK
    IRQ 10 VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller OK
    IRQ 10 VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller OK
    IRQ 10 NETGEAR FA311 Fast Ethernet Adapter OK
    IRQ 12 Logitech-compatible Mouse PS/2 OK
    IRQ 13 Numeric data processor OK
    IRQ 14 Primary IDE Channel OK
    IRQ 15 Secondary IDE Channel OK
  6. Vonloss

    Vonloss TS Rookie Topic Starter

  7. UnluckyNelson

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    No, as long as you are using win XP, i/o and irq conflict are resolved automatically. Windows juggels the resources around until it finds a opening for your hardware.

    I think I have had this issue with a client once... it's a pain I know. I can't remember the exact details on the problem but I think it might be in the region of a software problem.

    1) Run: "msconfig" and remove ALL startup items.
    2) Restart and check your startup items again, is there some program that mysteriously duplicated itself in the registry and added another startup item?
    3) If so, I recommend getting an Anti-virus package after reinstalling Windows from scratch.
    4) The other thing that bothers me is the COM5 port(With the yellow exclamation mark), uninstall it, restart and see if it returns.
    5) If so you have a rougue driver on your hands... reinstall windows (I know it sux)
    6) Remove any extra hardware you have installed to isolate your problem. Remove the SB! live... the lucent modem (I presume this is not your cable modem)... and disable the fast ethernet.

    Tell me what you have done and found...
    Good luck...
  8. UnluckyNelson

    UnluckyNelson TS Rookie Posts: 28

    now I remember


    I've read your problem again and I remember now what was the problem...
    The freezing and resuming I found, is a issue with one of your IDE devices... most commonly a CD-ROM drive does this or a hard drive that is on it's way out. You would find that on a normal system, if you remove one of your cd-rom drives windows does exactly what you have described, freezing and resuming (Please don't try this at home kids!!!!)

    So to sort your problem out you'll have to get down and dirty, swop cd-rom drives... and last resort try another hard-drive. And remember to not overlook IDE ribbon cables, sometimes (rarely) they are also faulty and can be a huge headache if you don't think about them. Make everything Cable-select (***** proof) and try different combinations on primary and secondry channels if you don't have other drives lying around and are only limited with your hardware.

    Good luck...
  9. Vonloss

    Vonloss TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I ran MSconfig and did what you told me. 1 thing did what you said, its:

    NvCpl RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\System32\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup

    Also, I un-installed the COM5 port. It didn't come back. Funny thing you mentioned the CD-rom drives and Hard drives. Actully this is a pretty old computer. Awhile back it pretty much died on me so my father took it to his friend who fixes computers(professionally). He pretty much re-built it. New case, Motherboard,and 1 cd-drive and 1 new hard drive. Funny thing is he told me that it was very strange, The old hard drive I used would not work at all, but he made it into the salve hard drive and it worked fine. Also 1 of my old cd-drives just didn't work at all and was conflicting with alot of stuff. so he replaced it. And the keyboard port does not work, so I have to use the USB slot.

    IDE ribbion cables are the cables that are really wide that look like a bunch of cables stuck together in a line right?
  10. UnluckyNelson

    UnluckyNelson TS Rookie Posts: 28

    mmm dodgy hardware...

    Yeah, it's that big grey cable connecting the drive to the M/B.

    I think it's that old HD you've got in there giving the issues, disconnect it. I have this paranoia, if something minor is wrong with a piece of hardware the whole thing is faulty. I'm not saying the keyboard port is causing all your issues but it is intergrated into a southbridge which might be dodgy, which controls a lot of M/B functions....
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