Seriously infected-slowing - Right-click not working and other things

By GretaLovejoy
Jan 11, 2009
  1. Hello there,

    A friend of mine has a PC that has XP on it. I discovered they were running a spybot program but NO anti-virus. I had them run Avast which found lots of infections but he didn't write the name of the infections down. Anyway the reason I fiirst suspected that her PC was infected or corrupted because the system is slow for a 2.53 CPU and 256ram...she said her right click -cut-paste stopped working, and Internet explorer wouldn't open links in emails or Instant messenger. So I had her close IE(I already had her check the processes in task manager to see if IE was pegged and needed the process ended) but she said IE wasn't in there.

    Anyway...her copy-cut-paste etc. doesn't work. Her IE is messed up. Her System Restore doesn't work. Her system is slow... I tried to have her uninstall IE7 in add and remove to revert it back to a working copy of IE 6 then she could re-upgrade to 7 at Microsoft. But they said it wouldn't let them remove it.

    Well, like I said, I had them run a boot scan witht Avast...and when they ran the regular Avast scan, they said it found lots of infections, in fact ran it a couple of times and just found another trojan. I had them run Combo-Fix and ran this HiJack This log.

    Please help us. She really needs her PC and can't afford another one. I feel they need to format and re-install XP, but we are trying these last ditch efforts to fix it first till she can find her disk and back up here data. May not have much time:(

    Thank you for your help! attached is her HiJack This log,
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