Server 2000 Print Queue

By SlipknotHate
Nov 8, 2006
  1. Alright so my teacher is hell bent on using Server 2000's built in print queue to see what people are printing how many pages ect. Well me and my friends are stumped on setting this **** up. So, is anyone willing to give a step - by - step setup to get the print queue up...if we don't we fail the class. ahhahahah

    I'm assuming it must be done on the server that is sharing the Printers.
    We have the printers on their own eternet cords but they are running through the main server with Active Directory and all the students accounts called Klepto.

    Also if anyone wants to help up step - by - step set up Group Policy and get it to work on our computers through out the class that would be great also cause that is another one of grades.
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