By Kevin2
Jul 13, 2005
  1. Hey guyz i think im posting this thread in wrong forums.. So can please Mods/Admins put it in a right forum .. Thanx..

    I need to Open my own Indian Site.. Where ppl can download stuff.. U knw so ....
    I need abt 300 GB space server with really high bandwidth... Can some1 please tell me where i can buy tht server plz.. it will be good if u tell me the site name and stuf abt tht ... And if u can give me any info. abt tht thn it will be really handy and wud be very appriciated ... Thanx in advance

    Please add me or e-mail me --- >

    Please tell me all the info. on my e-mail... coz i don really go on sites.. and i might come on the site after yrs.. So please Help ok .. Thanx.......
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