Service manual for Gateway M320

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hey guys whats up
I'm having a bit of trouble finding a service manual for a gateway m320
gateway no help
i need to get a disassembly diagram as i have ti replace the power jack
I've never really taken a laptop apart before and am afraid of ruining a good laptop
ts a mpc but I'm sure that its the same general laptop as another gateway
no Sn# pn# stickers are too faded go figure
if you could help me out i would be grateful


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You likely do not need a service manual, nor would you benefit from one... if they existed... which they don't. Your Gateway m320 doesn't work any differently than a thousand other laptop computer models...
What you need is the correct part, and a great deal of skill using a cold solder technique, or flat soldering... most techs cannot do it, so somebody who asks for a service manual will not.

Get a GOOD and exprienced electronics technician or anybody very skilled in soldering techniques who also has the tools.
Otherwise, buying a new board will be faster and less costly.
If not in a living location where there are good techs, there are services to which you can mail it and get the repairs performed for $90 including shipping.


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i have over 30 year board repair experience I'm just afraid to break all that plastic u know
probably no thing but please be gentle it's my first time :)
um mm disassembling a laptop of course


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I have not seen a service manual for a Gateway since about 2004. The great Gateway manuals and tech support of years are no longer. If Gateway doesn't have it in a download any more, or in a similar model, it simply does not exist.

But if you use a little Silicon spray or Se-Solve It oil, you will not break anything.
Remove the keyboard by taking out all the screws on the bottom. Map all screws on a piece of paper, as there are many different sizes to replace later.
Then a tiny bit of silicon spray on all the plastic sections, and firm hand pressure will release all the snap on or snap in bezel pieces. Gently, to very gently, but firmly remove all cables from their sockets, and map how they go back. Soon you will have the entire motherboard exposed, and can decide whether this is one that needs to remain attached to the base, or can be removed.
The problem is that the jack replacement can be difficult to impossible unless you have the right tools, which I assume you do with 30 years experience. Many of the Gateway sockets are now flat soldered on top of the board. Others require flash soldering. If you have excellent soldering equipment and exactly the right solder, where you can control temperature and flow, with the experience you describe, you can do it in about five minutes. Soldering a socket is NOT like soldering other parts any more, particularly if the computer was built in the past four years.
The part is only $6.00 on eBay, so there must be a lot of similar failures.


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thank you i do appreciate the expertise
paranoia will destroy ya
thanks again
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