setting up network need advise

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Aug 9, 2005
  1. hi im going to setup a wireless home network between 2 pcs but what hadware do i need.
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    first I assume you also intend Internet access.

    You cable the DSL or Cable modem to a (new) wireless router.
    (personally I like the Belkin brand).

    each PC needs one of
    an ethernet NIC or a wireless adaptor (PCMCIA will work nicely).

    You need an ethernet cable to connect the first PC and configure the

    there's lots of info on wireless security to read up on - - PLEASE do so.
    until you have some idea of this stuff, disable the wireless and use the
    hardwared connection to get access to such info.

    BE SURE to enable the Windows Firewall.

    topics for study;
    why reset the default SSID and NOT to broadcast it?
    WEP and WPA security and why you need one or the other?
    what is a firewall and what does it add beyond the WEP/WPA/SSL encryption?
    how to file/print share between to PCs but not allow access from the Internet
    (hint: trusted ip address range limited to your addresses)
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    your on the right track! we can take this offline by private msg
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    Just one note, you will probably find cheaper hardware deals in the UK at Ebuyer
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