Setup of PC, AVR, TV

Hi Guys

If this is wrong place to post it please direct me to most suitable. I have a big problem with sound and my set up. I have monitor that im using for games due to its 165hz refresh rate. Its connected to pc by display port. I have also av receiver connected to pc by hdmi. AVR is connected by hdmi to TV (for movies only) by pass through output. Now, to have a sound from pc on AVR I need to have monitor and tv turn on and display needs to be duplicated. As soon as I turn off TV no sound from AVR. I have tried to connect pc with AVR by optical but no sound either. What the hell is wromg and what am I doing wrong?

thanks for all help


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I've had big problems with setting up sound with a number of sources running through a Sony sound box and TV. It took me a long time but I didn't have a monitor plus TV and AVR to complicate things further. I did find that the TV which for me was working as display monitor with blu-ray player and streaming box plus as a TV has a wealth of audio settings some of which were not where I expected. Eventually I managed to get the sound output working for each device and made copious notes about required settings and what needs to be plugged in where for each use. A wireless pair of headphones caused me the most difficulty.
I suspect that you'll just have to find a way through yourself. Maybe you could cut back on devices if you can't crack it?