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Severe Downloading Issues and "Runtime Error: Floating Point Support Not Loaded"

By LucyisScary
Apr 29, 2013
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  1. Hello there~

    Recently, I have encountered a number of rather disturbing problems with my Computer(Windows XP).

    With a number of programs, such as CCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware, WinDS Pro, MyDefrag etc. etc.... I got an Error... R6002 - floating point support not loaded. Usually. The Error either appeared when I start the program or when I do something with the program~ For example, CCleaner only got this Error after ending a system cleaning, thus closing. MyDefrag gets the problem all the time but it can be ignored - the program works completely fine.
    I tried several things to get rid of the error - checking my registry with different programs, using a multitute of antivirus programs, deinstalling and/or reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++, reinstalling all the affected programs... To no avail - nothing has helped in the least bit.
    But while trying to figure this problem out, I encountered another rather disturbing problem: Some of my downloads just won't finish. For example, if I try to download CCleaner from ANY site, no matter which, the download will either always stop at the last missing bytes, dropping to 0 kbps and doing nothing, or the download has 0kbps from the start. I tried a number of things, like restarting the computer, cancelling the download and restarting it... to no avail, once again. The only thing that worked is: Downloading a downloader for the program, like it is always the case on softonic or the likes. By downloading a downloader first, it sometimes works and sometimes, the downloader will seemingly get the same error I have encountered before already.
    Well, after quite some time of internet search, I found absolutely nothing, trying all the solutions I have found. I have even deleted my hard drives and reinstalled windows - both errors persist.

    I thought to myself, a possible way may be to download a downloader through which I can run all of my downloads - this could solve a small part of the problem.

    After reinstalling windows, I also tried to download a certain game, League of Legends. Problem there is, that I am unable to download the installer - so I used a different installer, which I was able to download. Then the patcher starts up, however, it also never gets finished. Presumably at the step, where it is trying to apply Adobe Air(The problematic files are npswf32.dll, webkit.dll, adobecp15.dll and AdobeAir.dll). So I tried to seperately download Adobe Air - and it did of course not work, the download froze.

    So far, I have a few assumptions: The downloads that freeze are not site-specefic but rather... download-specefic. If I try to download CCleaner, it will freeze at the end, no matter which site. Same with a number of other programs, like SuperAntiSpyware, which I am also unable to download from virtually any site. Only indirect downloads through download manager or the like work out. Also, as it seems, that freezing-downloads problem also affects installers: League of Legends patcher froze at the end, the normal league of legends installer froze at the end, a number of downloaders, like softonic, freeze at the end if I try to download one of these "problematic" programs.
    Additionally, it seems like the programs, which are problematic to download or install, are programs I have had errors with: CCleaner, MyDefrag, SuperAntiSpyware etc. etc. All programs I had some problems with before I reinstalled windows - and I still have problems with them if I manage to download and install them: They still give me the Floating Point Support Not Loaded-Error. League of Legends, too, had some problems at around the time the Floating Point Support Not Loaded-Error appeared. So, as it seems, the programs that are problematic to download are the ones which give me this strange error.

    But well, this is not where it ends~: I have not encountered the Floating Point Support Not Loaded-Error or any other on my little Netbook... But I have the download-program with the exactly same downloads as on my main Computer - even though these two have absolutely no connection to each other. The only things both get from the same source is Electricity and.. Internet, so to speak. So I tried to contact my internet provider - however, there seems to be nothing wrong with my internet connection.

    In any case, a few things I will probably try out soon are:
    - Completely resetting the router(This however requires me to find some old, old documents)
    - Trying to download any downloading program(It would be very much appreciated if you could link me to a good one you have already made experience with)

    Other than that, I cannot do much and I do not think any of them will completely work: A downloader only solves a small part of the problem. Resetting the router is my best guess so far, but I thought I'd rather ask around on a number of forums to find some solutions~
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,443   +1,415

    The file npswf32.dll is for Flash, but my copy is named npswf32_11_6_602_180.dll & dated 3-12-2013

    errors like "floating point support not loaded" are created in two ways:
    1) the floating point library can not be found
    2) the program attempting to load it is not the correct version for your hardware platform.

    Your system integrity is questionable (ie likely to be infected), but I would first investigate the Eventlog using Eventvwr.msc and look for errors in the System Log.

    Highly recommend you run SFC /SCANNOW (but you will need your install CD or to borrow one from a friend - - it must match your currently installed system).
  3. LucyisScary

    LucyisScary TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, I do not have the windows CD here atm but I'll get it this weekend~

    Other than that, you want me to use the "run" option in windows and then type, for example, Eventvwr.msc, correct? If so, I'll post the eventlog soon~ I won't an install CD for that, if I'm not mistaken~?
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,443   +1,415

    You can also a} uninstall FLASH and delete it from your browser(s) and then b} download a fresh copy of FLASH and reinstall it

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