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Mar 23, 2009
  1. I have a desktop PC and a laptop (which connects to the internet via wireless). I'd like to share a folder (or even an entire HDD) from my desktop PC so that I can access files from my laptop when I am at work, in another room, etc.

    How do I go about doing so - and is the folder/HDD secure and only seen by me?

    As always - thanks in advance.
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    The info above is excellent, so I don't mean to re-answer; I just wanted to share a bit of information.

    Sharing a folder or drive so you can see it from other rooms in your home is a relatively simple task. Sharing so you can do so from work could be a bit harder to nigh impossible, depending on the IT environment at home and at work.

    As for security, your shared files are as secure as your home network. If you have Wifi, then be aware of all security options. There are several threads here on TS for you to peruse through, but here's a good one to start with:

    Lots of good advice in that thread, just takes a little patience to sift through it.
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    All great answers, can I also suggest DropBox.. I love this app.. It syncs folders between computers and lets you access the data over the internet.. you can also use it for backup :) way cool idea..
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    Drop box is good but requires an online account and your data is uploaded to their server. Is there a good free sync software that lets you sync between only your own computers without sharing your data with a 3rd party?
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