Sharing MS Outlook files with multiple users on same PC and home network

By thadlee
Feb 1, 2005
  1. I have Windows XP on my PC and have set-up multiple users. How can I share all my MS Outlook files/folders (email, calendar, contacts) with another user on the same PC, so both can read and receive the same email and can share the same calendar and contacts?

    I also have another Windows XP PC in a home network. How can I set it up so that all my MS Outlook files/folders are shared and synchronized between the 2 PCs, i.e., email, calendar and contacts can be accessed and updated on either PC?
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    For the second half of that question it all has to do with your ISP. You probably need to set it up so it leaves a copy on the ISP server. This will allow you to get it on multiple computers. Then there is another option to delete the email once emptied from your deleted items box in Outlook. That way you can use either computer to get the new emails (or viewed but not deleted from another computer).

    I'm not sure if this helps, but it could work.

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  3. thadlee

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    Thanks Poertner 1274.

    My ISP does store the emails, so I am able to access them form either PC. But there does not appear to be the option to delete the emails from the ISP that have been deleted from my Outlook deleted box. The read and deleted emails show-up as unread.

    When I get home tonight, I will try setting-up my Outlook data file in the Shared Documents folder and see if this solves both of my questions.
  4. poertner_1274

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    I thinkt he option is in Outlook itself. I'm not sure where, will try to remember to lookwhen I get home tonight. I think it's called "Delete email from server when emptied from recycle bin."
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