Shielded internet for your teenager

By Jonathanial
May 20, 2009
  1. My teenaged son has his won email account. I would like to have access to his account so that I am aware of all his communication he has with his friends and also the rest of his internet activities. I am on the lookout for one such email service provider who will give me this facility.
  2. Brigham

    Brigham TS Rookie

    Re: Shielded internet for your teenager . has all the answers you are looking for. Kidsemail is a child-friendly email service provider which allows guardians to have complete control over their child’s email account. It has some very novel features like it emails a copy of incoming and outgoing messages to the parent, allows a parent to approve or deny any mail sent by the child, allows children to send mails only to those in their contact list. And last but not the least it creates separate passwords for the child and parent for the account, so that parents can have a look at the account without the child knowing it.
  3. AndrestheBean

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    good luck with that,

    im 17 and from my expirience you dont have that control over your teen,

    (my parents tried when i was like 12)

    its so easy to get a email account

    (you fill it with fake info)

    that your kid is just going to make one without you knowing,

    (there are so much email providers)

    and yes you can check what his up to with computer history, BUT

    i knew how to delete websites visited when i was like 10.

    if your kid is smart enough, (which he probably is)
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