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Jun 5, 2009
  1. Shop On TV Network

    Shop On TV Network (STVN), a nationally recognized sales and marketing firm, is seeking to buy new and innovative electronics products from manufacturers and importers.

    Shop On TV Network specializes in distributing products through national direct response TV commercials, infomercials, the internet and into retail stores.

    Shop On TV Network has taken a unique position in the marketplace. Unlike other companies in the infomercial industry, STVN doesn’t charge $20,000 or $30,000 in fees. STVN makes its profits by selling inventory, not by selling advertising or video production services.

    The products that sell the best for STVN are ones that can create an impulse buy. These are usually products that can be demonstrated very well on television or tell a compelling story.

    Shop On TV Network sells products ranging from retail prices of $9.95 to over $1,000.

    STVN works with companies of all sizes! It doesn’t matter if you are a small mom and pop operation or a Fortune 500 company. The product is only thing that matters.

    Manufacturers and importers are encouraged to submit their products at the STVN website.

    or call 954-719-6226
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