shopping for ATI AGP graphics card ~ $100

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Nov 17, 2005
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    Really appreciate the help...

    Thanks guys...
    I did not think I would be able to get a 9800Pro or a X700 for that price.
    Have a few more questions though....
    1) I was reading the reviews of that Sapphire 98ooPro and many users said that the card overheats and comes stock with a poor fan. How would I resolve this?
    2) The x700 listed looks a little cheap. Any experience with this model?
    3) These cards require a connection to the power supply. Is this hard to do? I will be doing the install myself. What is the recommended power supply to support these cards?
    Thanks again for any ideas you might have....
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    1. I had a sapphire 9800pro in my old system and loved it. Very powerful card for its' time. It is starting to get a little dated these days, but can still handle the newest games with average performance. I never had any heating issues with my card at all. If you do have heating issues, there are 3rd party cooling solutions you can buy.

    2. That x700 listed is made by Sapphire. I have owned two cards by them in the past (not that particular card though) and was very happy with them. I think they have a fairly good reputation in the industry.

    3. It all depends on what else you have connected to your system. You can use this online calculator to see how many watts you'll need:

    But i HIGHLY recommend taking a look at this thread as well to help you choose which company to buy from. There are a lot of trash PSU on the market.

    As for connecting the PSU to the card, it is very very VERY simple. One sec and I'll post a pic for you....
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    See the top right of the card? That is how it is connected to the PSU. Your psu usually has the necessary wires waiting to be stuffed in there.

    Here is a zoom on that part of the card:
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    Most 9700/9800 series cards have a very large, finned heatsink where dust can become trapped and cause overheating problems. In a "normal" user's case in a home that is kept somewhat tidy, it's not an issue... but a PC in a generic, non-filtered case on shag carpet that maybe get's vacuumed once a year with various pets, etc.etc.- the heatsink can pack up inside a month or two and cause the heating issues.

    The best way to guard against this is to:
    a) Get a can of compressed air and clean out the fins on the heatsink once a month.
    b) Place in a cleaner area, off shag carpet or away from pet areas and vacuum around the PC often.
    c) Get a filtered case- like Antec or similar and orient/position fans accordingly for this to work.
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    Computer making weird noise

    Okay...I have not bought the card yet but I was also wondering why my computer is making a weird buzzing sound after I have been playing Halo for a while. Any ideas? I know my video card is really old (ATI 7000 64 MB). Do you think that this could be putting excess strain on my comp.? I just cleaned it out too. I was also thinking about upgrading my memory. Will it cause any problems if I use another brand along with my current setup? If no, any suggestions?

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    Corsair XMS Pro 512MB PC3200 DDR
    CompUSA 300 Watt Powersupply
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    Ok, if the ONLY game you play is Halo the 9600xt will do FINE! I play it on highest everything (AA and AF) and i get about 65fps to 75fps. Come on people! its HALO! its old, you don't need an X700 to play it.
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