Shortage of $1 display driver chips is causing production delays for everything with a...


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Just like in financial crisis, the IT crisis also has to have a fake, artificial "cause" that sounds plausible only to ordinary Joe and Jane.

It reminds me of: "A truck full of oil was hit by another truck in Nigeria, causing tons of oil to spill. Experts say this will almost certainly destabilize oil supply in the world and cause increase of prices".


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Wouldn't folks be more concerned about the cost of cell phones and small computer devices (such as a tablet or notebook or their stupid 007 wannabe watches) over a TV?

I know people today that don't own a TV. Sure, they may have a desktop computer at home with a monitor, but they don't use it much. They are generally on their tablet or cell phone when they watch something.

If we didn't have a TV downstairs the wife probably wouldn't even notice, she watches all of her shows on her iPad or sometimes on my computer, she rarely uses the TV. The kids might be a bit irritated since we limit their electronic device time, so they use the TV more often than anyone else does.
Your example is hardly the norm, more of an exception in this World. People still watch TV, more than ever before, many (me included) even eat their main daily meals in front of the TV. But that doesn't mean the majority of consumers is looking to change their TV set every 1-2 years as some media propagandists for consumerism and corporate representatives want us to believe. A well mentained TV set should last for years.
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Still running my 49" LG LCD TV from 2015 as my main TV LOL. Even to this day the picture quality to me is more than enough even though I know there are better displays out there now.

But who has a disposable income to replace everything when it isn't broke or you are still happy with it?

Even all my computers have a few years on them now. But when I look at what I have and the price of upgrading for such a little performance gain I can't see the value or need for it.

Oh yes running i7 4790K's and 32GB of RAM in all systems.

I was also very lucky to win a GALAX RTX 3060Ti on Christmas eve in a Facebook competition though. So I will swap out my iGame GTX 1070 Vulcan X OC for this card in my main gaming rig when I can as we just moved house and I am still trying to get everything setup.
I agree, If your current tech is working fine for you then no need to upgrade. Congrats on winning a new graphics card. I unfortunately have given up looking for one this year as the prices are too outrageous for me.