Should I overclock?

By God Of Mana ยท 6 replies
Jul 18, 2008
  1. [​IMG]

    This is what I have now, will it make any sense doing a overclock? I have never done one before, so I'll need alittle help :)

    Check my specs for more info
  2. Whiffen

    Whiffen TS Rookie Posts: 235

    Considering I get like 2800 points I say you win. As long as your happy with the FPS I would say leaving it alone is perfectly fine.

    Quite an upgrade BTW, I'm super jealous xD
  3. God Of Mana

    God Of Mana TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 493

    Yea i think I'm ok right now, im getting upto and around 200fps...super smooth.
  4. chrissof

    chrissof TS Member Posts: 59

    why would you want to overclock a system as powerfull as yours?
    I think that oc makes sense when games start to be so demanding that on stock clocks
    they won`t run smooth anymore....thats when oc might save you from buying new hardware
    (for a little time)
    don`t spoil your warranty by overclocking
    I`m jealous - just as whiffen is:cool:
  5. God Of Mana

    God Of Mana TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 493

    But I wonder... if i did oc, do you think I can get over 130k? I wanna beat the highest score in
  6. chrissof

    chrissof TS Member Posts: 59

    well - get some liquid air coolant,work your way around all limitations.and still get blown away by
    all the hard-core overclockers....?
  7. CMH

    CMH TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,039   +9

    the sticky in this part of the forums has addressed your issue. Or tried to.

    Link is in my sig (simple overclocking guide)
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