Should I switch to ADSL?

By sbgsus
Feb 7, 2008
  1. Right, I live in the UK and am with Virgin Media

    they provide me with a 4MB/s down 37KB/s upstream CABLE service
    I get the broadband for about £18...
    (also included is a TV package and Phone package, bringing the monthly bill to around £55)

    Virgin (or NTL as it was previously known) aren't rated very highly among other users, but i've never had any problems with them - I have never been traffic shaped or capped... I have also always got 4 meg down and 37 KB/s up.

    The problem is, I was looking around the net the other day and stumbled across a list of highly rated broadband providers. 'Be' was top of the list.

    now they provide a 24MB/s down and 1.3MB/s upstream ADSL service... charging the same price: £18. They also say it's unlimited usage.

    I was just wondering if it would be worth switching? So I could get more for my money... Can anybody who uses Be recommend them?

    bearing in mind that I would have to switch phone providers to BT and pay them for line rental. I know for a fact I dont live very far at all from an exchange, so I would get a pretty decent ADSL service if I was to switch.
    I also realise that I probably wouldnt get the full 24meg, but I presume it would be more than 4meg at least, for the same price?

  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    A good broadband cable system is capable of more than twice what you get with an ADSL.

    Get an existing connections bo both Broadband and ADSL of a friend, then use Internet Frog to test the speeds... realizing that Broadband can be purchased as
    1 mbps
    1.5 mbps
    2.048 mbps
    4 mbps
    6.312 mbps
    10 mbps
    34.367 mbps
    45 mpbs
    100 mbps
    155 mbps
    274 mbps.

    ADSL is pretty limited in comparison
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