Should I upgrade my Power Supply?

By kurt123
Jan 19, 2015
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  1. So I've been thinking about upgrading my GPU from a GTX 760 2gb to a GTX 980 but I'm not sure if I have to buy a new Power Supply aswell. I'm using a 650W power supply.
    My specs are: MSI motherboard(forgot the name), 8GB ram DDR3, SSD 200GB, HDD 1TB, DVD-RW, 2 120mm fans + the CPU fan , a core i5 4670k (3.40 ghz) and the gtx 760 itself.

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    Nope, you should be good if you're using good quality PSU. Nvidia recommends a minimum 500w and your specs don't look like anything out of the ordinary.
    You don't state which GTX980 you're after, there's tons of different variants but a good rule of thumb is to check the PSU recommendation on the box, website etc. of the particular one you're interested in.
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