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Apr 8, 2008
  1. Hi guys, I have a problem with Vista at the moment. Recently about 1-2 months ago, when I shut down my PC, or restart it, there is a delay from the point where it shuts down to where the computer actually restarts. Let me rephrase that... When I turn off my computer, it takes about 2-3 seconds, then as all or most computer do, it makes a small click sound right when its about to turn off. After it makes that click sound, which is normal, it has done it before, and it didn't delay after the click sound; generally it just turned off or restarted into boot. Now after it makes that sound, there is like a 5-6 second delay before it actually restarts or turns off. Now, I was wondering if there is any way to fix this. I already have the shutdown optimized down to 2000ms from 20000ms.
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    Have you taken a look at your boot menu to see which devices are loading, there may be something there which is causing the extra delay, both on boot up and shutdown.
    Admittedly, unless you are speaking about the tail end of your shutdown your times seem really good, have you changed your anti virus or firewall etc, think it is just down to the programmes you have loaded.

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    It could be some devices at boot, I will check right now. About programs and antivirus, those could not be the issue. I run the same AV on my laptop, which does not exhibit this problem. I'm using a very light antivirus called Symantec Corporate Antivirus 10.2. The OS and AV are legal so that won't be a problem.
    EDIT: Just checked boot devices, doesn't seem to be anything wrong there. 1st Choice: HDD, 2nd Choice: DVD-RW, 3rd Choice: Floppy. I don't run any usb stuff on boot up either.
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    Do you have the sounds activated in your control panel, go to : Control panel>sounds>start navigation, set it to none, do the same for close down, if those don't solve it I hope what is below will give you some ideas.

    Hi, first choice would be my option, the clicking sound on your hdd would suggest a problem with it, if it is under warranty and you pursue it you would get it renewed or at the very least a refund, would make sure i had everything backed up or ghosted onto a virtual drive to be safe. Might depend on the hdd though WD can sometimes make this sound as they power down.

    Have you tried shutting down the pc with the hdd disconnected in order to see if that is what makes the sound, sometimes means a drive is on it's way out.

    Could be the floppy, occasionally happens if something is trying to read the drive and nothing is in it, easiest way of checking that is to disable the floppy in the bios and see if you get it or if your case is open just disconnect it.

    Alternatively you can do a disk check and see what that tells you.

    go to start select run. type in command and hit enter. at the command prompt type chkdsk /r c: and hit enter if it asks to do check on reboot type y for yes and hit enter. if says the volume is in use do you want to dismount the volume type y for yes and scanning will commence. if you have any problems at this point just post a message but should be fine.

    Best of luck and will be interested in how you get on.

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    HDD is not the problem, the HDD isn't making clicking sounds. There is a click sound right when the computer is about to turn off completely. This doesn't come from the HDD, it comes from a built in multi-duplex switch in the motherboard, that initializes the power down of the computer, and also sends this signal to the PSU. The sound is not multiple clicks, its only one single click and as I've said, this is when the computer is about to turn off, and only about 5-6 seconds later after I hear this sound does it actually turn off. It seems that right when it makes that sound, the rotating circle from Vista's shutdown freezes, and the screen seems to dim a bit.
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    How long does it take your pc to shut down in total?

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    About 10 seconds, but before it used to take about 3-4 seconds. That is before it had this issue.
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    If I could get my laptop to shutdown in 10 secs would be doing somersaults, do not see what the problem is but suppose we all have different expectations.

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    Its quite easy...Here is what I did. I went into the registry and under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control there is on the right hand side of the pane a value called "WaitToKillServiceTimeout". Double Click on the value, and instead of 20000ms put in 2000ms. Thats it.

    EDIT ^^ The above also did not work, it seemed like it did. What actually worked is to uninstall the Nforce Networking Controller update from MS. I reinstalled the Nforce Networking Controller Drivers again, and problem has gone away.
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