Shutting down randomly, don't think its PSU or overheating

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Feb 2, 2011
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  1. Ok, here's the deal.

    Computer was randomly shutting down. Did some research and seems to be with most forums and info that it's overheating or power supply issue. Fixed it, was a poor job on the paste on the CPU. last time i'll buy a pre-built.

    The problem:

    While I was figuring my computer out, I decided to upgrade my wifes a little. I have dual Nvidia 9800 GT's and I gave her one of them, switched out her ATI 4350. Installed the drivers and used driver sweeper to make sure the ATI was gone. Now all of a sudden her computer is suddenly shutting off.

    So I figured, well maybe it was my graphics card, so i took mine back out and put hers back in. and reinstalled drivers and sweeped it. it's still doing it.

    I find it odd that mine was doing it, I took a piece out of mine and put it in hers, and now hers is doing it. and mines working again (with that 9800 GT back in) and the other computer still isnt working. any ideas?
  2. Mark56

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    This is a bit strange, but, most likely a problem with drivers. How did you install the driver for the Nvidia card in your wifes PC was it a download or from a disk. Also did you clean out the Nvidia driver before you re-installed the ATI and what source did the ATI driver come from.

    When the Nvidia card was in your PC causing problems it may have had a bad connection which has been corrected by reseating it.

    If you downloaded the driver from anywhere other than the manufacturers site you may not have the most up to date version, or if from a third party it might be infected with malware.
  3. Dave32783

    Dave32783 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    All my drivers were downloaded directly from the websites, Nvidia and AMD.
    Drivers were wiped each time I put each card in using driver sweeper i got off of guru3D
  4. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    Have a good look in Device manager and see if there are any yellow triangles/question marks next to any devices. I suspect a driver has been damaged by the software you used. You could try reinstalling your mobo drivers.

    What OS are we dealing with.

    I would run through the reinstall on the ATI card again and follow this guide to deal with the drivers manually. Any device shown in the list that is faded is not present and can be deleted. I just tried it on mine and found several mice and keyboards that I could get rid of,, amongst other things. You must use the command lines first or it will not show the "non present" devices.
  5. kiencon

    kiencon TS Rookie

    check your ram

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