"Si3112r.sys could not be found" UH? c'mon

By PJthyPisces2004
Oct 25, 2004
  1. ok i wanna reinstall WinXp home BUT i goto XP install setup in DOS-mode and i get a message saying "Si3112r.sys could not be found" then it won't let me install xp unless i find this driver. I don't know where to find this driver. Please look in my profile where i wrote my system #1 specs. I really need help. People telling me to reinsatll Xp but i can't because of this error message. Note that: i have an Seagate SCSI-based HDD. loading windows xp setup it says on the bottom saying something with F6 to install SCSI or RAID drivers and please insert Floppy (A:). Please help me. Am i scewed or this can be easily repaired without paying some goof $100 to fix this small or large problem. Please take the time to give me step-by-step instructions. If you know how to do this problem please reply.
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    I just replied to your other thread here
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