signs of bad ram?

By shakybones
Jul 8, 2005
  1. hello.. well my problem is that my gateway 1ghz 512ram was running very smooth then just last i kept locked up on me while playing world of warcraft so i restarted then i wasnt even doing anything just letting it sit at the desktop and it would freeze up again i restarted ran virus scan froze....rebooted. ran spy/adware remove froze. i even tryed started in safe mode it booted up if after a alittle bit or even trying to run a program it would freeze up again then i got a PCI.sys file missing error i read that this is sometimes coused by bad ram.. i tryed using the windows install cd like it said to do a windows repair i would get an error could not load ddsetup.exe i believe error code 4. now the moniter doesnt even come on out the hd does sound like its spinning thats it sound like bad ram to anyone?

    i tryed 2 diff video cards the onboard video card also i have taken out 1 ram left one in 256 pc133 there is 3slots i could put them in i tryed all 3 and each time with both sticks it would do a system dbl system beep . anyone with any idea?
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