Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA-133Medley Raid Controller

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I have 3 hard disks 1 connected with a dvd drive to the motherboard and 2 more connected to the IDE controller card. Had a few problems with it today which my friend seemed to have sorted , however now everytime i boot a press f3 to enter raid configuration utility comes up. I've gone into it and it shows;

Drive No. 0 Hitachi...
Drive No. 1 ST.....

Set :1 (0) Hitachi... (PM)
Set :2 (1) ST.... (PS)

My os is not on either of these drives but i think its trying to boot from them first for some reason. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please.


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You need to make sure your boot drive is set correctly in the bios and that the RAID controller is disabled or set to IDE, if you boot from an IDE hard drive
thanks for getting back to me tmagic650. have checked bios and it is set to boot from my 1st hard drive, as regards disabling the raid controller etc will that cause any loss of data from those drives?
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