SilkRoad and My Comp

By Cpt.Samir
Mar 27, 2006
  1. Well i have a comp with the specs below and when i try to run the game SilkRoad Online it goes to about the login screen and freezes. but some times i can acctually log in and see my character but as soon as i move to a area that is populated with people my comp freezes and does not want to do anything. do u know if can fix this without buyin a new card. btw im runnin on a lappy.
    My Comp:
    Processor Intel Pentium 4 Xeon 1697MHz
    Display Card ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7500
    Memory 512MB
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
    Free Disk Space 6.26GB
    Display Card Memory 16MB
    Display Driver Version
    DirectX Version 9.0c
    Optical Drive CD/DVD
    Sound Card Intel(r) Integrated Audio

    SilkRoad Requ:
  2. Cpt.Samir

    Cpt.Samir TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can someone plz help me
  3. Akifuddin

    Akifuddin TS Rookie Posts: 144

    I don't think there's anything left to say except your system sucks. Specifically the video card memory. I can recommend you a new system if you want.
  4. Cpt.Samir

    Cpt.Samir TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sure if u can. but i need it not to be 2 much $$ but with a computer that will last me some years without being outdated.
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