Sims 2: headmaster will not show up and can`t get in bed or delete it! help!

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Jan 17, 2005
  1. My boyfriend is having some problems with the sims2. Problem 1:when he calls the headmaster to come over he says he will be there the next day at 5:00 but he never shows up. the second problem is the nanny won`t go home and he can`t click on her to talk to her. the third problem is when he tried to put his sim to bed one night, he couldn`t get in the bed there was enough room but the sim wouldn`t get in. So my boyfriend tried to remove the bed but the game said "can`t delete object in use" but the object wasn`t in use. has anybody else had these problems? does anybody have any solutions? thanks, kelli. :confused:
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    yes i have had problems like this before along with many others, all i can really say to this is the sims2 is very buggy and really need a patch to fix the many problems that this game has. i dont know what to do with the headmaster because he never showed up when i called him either. i have no idea about the nanny either, but the bed im guessing you could enable the cheat to allow you to move anything and maybe you will be able to delete it then.... to those of you who are looking into buying this game, its got good graphics and is quite fun to play but it does have a lot of problems to it. maybe wait untill a patch comes out before buying it
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    what cheat

    what cheat allows you to move anything? I didn`t know there was one. The only way we know of to deal with this problem is to uninstall so we have done that about 5 times. we really need another solution. I also think they really need a patch.
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  5. kpc1280

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    update doesn`t help

    The update from the maxis sims 2 site doesn`t help with the problems I`m having. so I will try the other download you suggested. Thank you.
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