Sims 2 Random Crashes

By Meg4932
Jul 22, 2008
  1. Okay, I am *beyond* frustrated with this problem which I have spent the entire summer trying to figure out myself. Essentially, the issue is that Sims 2 crashes my computer. The problem is with why. To start, let me post the stats on my pc:

    OS: XP Service Pack 3
    Processor: 2.9 Ghz Intel Celeron
    PSU: 550w Logisys
    RAM: 1 Gig (Kingston valu-RAM)
    Sound card: SB Audigy SE
    video card: nVidia FX5500 (128 Mb) : Updated driver to 175.16, no help

    C++ runtime library 2008
    Direct X 9.0c update for June 2008
    .net framework 3.5
    XP Service pack 3

    I am not overclocking and the case temp and CPU temp test normal.

    Occasionally, in game, there will be long pauses on blue screen with hourglass, which return to normal game play. Other times, the game crashes. Other times, the system restarts.

    The System Event Log has given me various error messages.

    Event Category 102
    Event 1003
    I was quite frequently getting Event Code 1000008e, but today, I got a new one instead, Event Code 000000c2

    I don't know if this is an incompatible driver or a problem with RAM or something else. I have updated the drivers for the nVidia card and have tested the RAM--everything seems to be fine. This problem only occurs with the Sims.

    Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated!
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