Sims 2 wont run

By daffodil-lament · 4 replies
Aug 24, 2008
  1. Hey!
    Ive had sims 2 for about as long as its been out
    it worked all okay when i got it but then stopped working one day. That was over a year ago and i dont know what went wrong. I have windows xp and when I put in the disk, a box appears with a big red "x" in it and the only button being "ok"

    smetimes it comes up with a message saying that there isnt a disk in the driv, and I have the options "try again" "continue" or "cancel"

    I have been CRAVING the sims and need to play it
    help would be MUCH appreciated, or any ideas to point me in the right direction.

    thanks very much!
  2. Chloe19

    Chloe19 TS Rookie

    The disk is probably damaged. Maybe you should take it back to the shop you bought it from. I am not very good at this stuff so thats the only useful advice I can give.
    I am having problem installing my sims 2! Everytime it gets to a certain % a notice comes up saying: A Problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'D:\TSData\Res\Sound\Voice3.package'from the media. Do you want to copy the file, or cancel the installation. Retry Or Cancel.

    I press retry a couple times then it just jams and I give up...I havn't had any suggestions yet...!
    I hope you get yours working =]

  3. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    Have you tried the Disk in another Computer?

    To check if it installs properly on another Computer, that is some Advice for both of you.

    Also can I ask how Old your Computers are or estimated time since you bought them.
  4. Chloe19

    Chloe19 TS Rookie

    What should I do????

    Well I tried to install it on another computer but it still has the same problem and my laptop is only a year old! Plus I can't take the game back because I have no receipt and I've had it for awhile. It use to be installed on my laptop but then it got wiped off. I don't want to buy another disk because they cost quite a bit. Any advice? Don't have any clue what to do!

  5. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    So your Laptop should be capable to run it.

    Is the Disk Scratched or Dirty?
    Did it work before when you had it installed?

    I'm going to assume Yes it did work before, try wiping the Disk with a Clean Slightly Damp Cloth and then use another Clean cloth to wipe any Moisture off the Disk. Try it again now and see if it works.

    If the Disk is scratched then you may need to take it to a Game or Hardware shop to have these scratches removed.
    Some Game or Hardware shops have a Machine which will shave a Layer or 2 off the Disk (More than 5 Layers on a Disk to protect from Scratching) and replace it so it is a Clean Surface it would cost about £3-£4 or $6-$8 depending on where you live.
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