Single Channel vs Dual Channel Ram

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Hey Guyz just a question, i have 1 gig of ram running single at the moment. i have a amd 64bit 3000+ processor running windows xp home. am i better to run my ram config this way or to run 512mb dual channel? if not to much hassel please explain! thanks!


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check out this article....

First of all does your mobo support dual channel? AMD socket 754 do not support dual channel. I have a 754 :(

Here is an article that answers all of your questions...

Keep in mind that in order to perform in dual channel you need to sticks of the exact type of memory - "matched pairs" (same speed and latency).
Dual Channel vs Single

Cheers Mate had a read huge help... yeah i got a socket 939 mobo i was runnin in dual but swapped it back to single (its nicer to think you got 1 Gig of ram as apposed to 512!) haha. but i think i will be swappin back now!. Cheers again.


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What do you mean "as opposed to 512?" When you are running ram in dual channel, it doesn't cut it in half, you still have 1GB. It just makes it faster.
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