Sirius Radio's-the old FM power output

By buying4don
Sep 3, 2007
  1. I'm aware that Sirius and XM had to power down their satellite receiver/FMtransmitter output do to the FCC. What I don't know is did they change model # at the time of the transition from higher power FM output to what they have now which is litteraly no output. I bought a new Sporter 3 and it has not power output, the home dock has to be pugged into a single Audio unit by RCA plugs, and the vehicle dock has to have a antenna output wire wrapped around your vehicles antenna wire. I have a freind who has a old Sportster and it puts out a FM signal that broadcast though out the house and I can even get it next door at my house, I've picked it up almost 2 blocks away on my car radio., hense the FCC coming down on the FM output.
    I've sent back my Sportster 3 and I'm trying to get an older model on ebay. I've attemped to contact Sirius and find out from them what models have the old higher FM output and what docks are compatible with which units etc... Yah right. Those boobs are the worst. I've read review afer review. and everyone says Sirius customer and Tech support is an absolute JOKE!!, and I concure!!
    I'm wondering if Sirius changed their models from Sportster and Sportster R to Sportster 3 &4 when they powered down their FM output or did they continue with the old models and simply power them down. Also their are muti model #'s for the same units .Sportster R is a SP-TK2, SP-2R2, SP-R2 and other models SP-R1R, SP-R2, SP-R1A and which docks fit what?
    You would think the morons at Sirius would be able to give you some help but that is none existant. An "Archeive" of it previous models or even the brochers at least. I would think they would have come out with an annoucement of the change and how older customers could now find compatable accessories for their old units. Everyone says they love the Sirius broadcasts but hate the product divison and I can agree with that.
    I'm not really computer savy nor a internet surfer but I have spent 80+ hrs triing to resolve this issue between Google, Sirius, and ebay, and have gotten litteraly no where.
    I'm using ebay to try and get a older model and actually purchased a used unit last week with a car dock for $76 and don't know what I'm getting for sure. I assume it has the old FM broadcsting output but who knows till I get it. My freind's Sportster has a short FM transmitter antenna that I have only seen on one photo or in a description on ebay.
    This is way beyond frustrating and Sirius is foolish not to provide customers, current and potential, the info they need to use their subscription. If I have been a Sirius customer for 3 years and want to put a car dock in a second car and get a second subsription or want to buy a radio on ebay and save a buck or 2 and start a new subsription with sirius they don't have any desire to help.
    Can anyone answer this delema directly or steer me in the right direction for info in htis matter? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
    Sorry for the long posting
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    What about HD Free Radio is out in some states, just have to buy the radio and that's it. I am not impress with Sirus and XM Radio they have a lot of drawbacks.. A good MP3 FlashMem card /transmistter or IPod can pretty much give you the same. HD Free Radio might kick the other two out since you don't have to pay the monthly charge..
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