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Oct 18, 2007
  1. Can you tell me about this graphics card to shed a little knowledge on me? I have this card but i know nothing about it and i would think alot of people here know about it. Thanks.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    The SiS760, a HyperTransport™ to AGP/MuTIOL® Bridge with a Mirage™ 2 graphic engine, integrates a high performance HyperTransport™ interface for the AMD Athlon™ 64 processor family, an AGP interface, an Mirage™ 2 graphic engine, a local frame buffer interface and SiS MuTIOL® Technology, which connects with the SiS964 MuTIOL® Media I/O.

    The HyperTransport™ interface of the SiS760 features HyperTransport™ complaint bus driver technology to support AMD Athlon™ 64 processors up to 1600MT/s data rate.

    The AGP interface of the SiS760 can support external AGP slot with AGP 4X/8X capability and Fast Write Transactions. SiS MuTIOL®, a high bandwidth and mature technology, is incorporated to connect the SiS760 and SiS964 MuTIOL® Media I/O together.

    The integrated Mirage™ 2 graphic engine features a 256-bit 3D, a 128-bit 2D Graphics engine, a video accelerator, an MPEG1/II motion compensation decoder, and a video link (combined with AGP port) to support TV-out & digital flat panels. To maintain a cost-effective PC system, SiS760 adopts the SMA, and eliminates the need and thus the cost of the frame buffer memory by organizing the frame buffer in the system memory from programming the system BIOS. To enhance system performance, the SiS760 also supports the local frame buffer solution and can support SDRAM and SGRAM. SiS760 can support up to 128MB display memory with shared memory and/or local frame buffer.

    The Integrated Mirage™ 2 graphic engine integrates a high performance/high quality 256-bit 3D pipelined graphics engine comprising a programmable 512KB to 4MB Command Queue sustaining zero-wait 3D-command acceptance, a 32-bit floating point Setup Engine specially designed to fit the entire Microsoft Direct3D API data formats, a built-in Texture Cache significantly improving texture mapping performance, and a programmable Rendering Engine compliant to Direct3D 8.1 Pixel Shader ver1.3. It also integrates a 128-bit 2D accelerator with a 1T pipeline BITBLT engine. Two 12-bit DDR digital video links interfaced to the SiS301 or SiS302 Video Bridge is incorporated to expand SiS760 functionality to support secondary displays, in addition to the default primary CRT display. SiS301 Video Bridge features an NTSC/PAL video encoder with Macro Vision Ver. 7.1.L1 option for TV displays, a TMDS transmitter with Bi-linear scaling capability to support up to UXGA TFT LCD panel, and an analog RGB port to support a secondary CRT. The primary CRT display and the extended secondary display, namely TV, TFT LCD, or 2'nd CRT, feature Dual Display Capability in the sense that both can generate the display in independent resolutions, color depths, and frame rates.

    SiS MuTIOL® technology is developed into three layers: the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer delivering 1.2 GB/s bandwidth to connect embedded DMA Master devices and external PCI masters to interface with the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer, the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in SiS964 to transfer data at 1GB/s bandwidth from/to the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer to/from the SiS760, and the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in the SiS760 to transfer data at 1GB/s from/to memory sub-system to/from the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in the SiS964.

    PS: this is first hit when you google it - does it tell you what you want to know?
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    I meant your opinion, not the specifics. I want to know your opinion on the card and gamewise activity with the card. YOUR opinion and not the specifics of the card. Thanks for trying to help though.
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    It pays to be specific on this forum!
    No worries...
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    Game wize you'd be better off with a stronger graphics card. SIS760 is an old (2004) chipset with intergrated video good for basic computer use.
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