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Sep 15, 2003
  1. Had an old SiS video card on my parents computer, they were not using it so I installed it on my computer a few days ago. It is a SiS 300/305, I thought it might be a 16MB card. How can I find out how much MB this video card is? I have windows xp professional. If it helps, I have the driver cd, and below where it says driver/utility cd it has a few numbers, FS-MDC-SIS305, and I'm guessing the next numbers are the version of the cd, it reads V1.12C. Thanks a lot if anyone can help.
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    If I'm not mistaken, it should say during your POST. I don't restart my computer enough to pay that much attention to it, but if I remember correctly that is where it is. There is also a utility somewhere on here that shows a lot of stuff about your system. You might try the search feature

    BTW, :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
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    Right click on the Desktop, select properties, then settings tab, then advanced tab and then adapter tab.
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    thanks, I found out it was a 16 mb card, thanks once again!
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    No problem, glad we got you straightened out.

    Hopefully you can stick around and help others with ttheir problems ;)
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