Size of the Big Typhoon?

By AcesEleven
Jun 10, 2006
  1. Hey everyone. I've just recently built a new computer with a nearly top of the line deck, yet I really want to put the pc to the test and overclock a few parts of it. I've heard from many that the Big Typhoon is the best one of the best ways to lower pc temperatures, yet I've heard it's extremely bulky and won't fit in most cases. I was just wondering if anyone call tell me whether or not my case dimensions would work with it or not? The case's wideth is about 8 inches, and frmo the edge of my processor up to the side of the case is about 6 inches, give or take. Also, if anyone has a better way of cooling a system w/o spending bundles, cna you please clue me in? Thanks.
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